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Sunday, Sunday: Traditional Cueca Festival in Quilpue

As I’m still catching up on some blogging, I will tell you right now that this post is in reference to an event that is by now a few weeks past its expiration date. However, forward I shall go with my storytelling. One late Sunday morning in the relatively distant past, my host dad asked if I wanted to take a walk into the center of town. My initial impression was one of slight confusion, due to the fact that at that point, I had begun to associate Sundays in Chile with a term called “Fomingo”, a term which combines the Chilean word “fome”, meaning boring, stale, or unappealing, with the Spanish word for Sunday, “Domingo”; although Sundays here are actually quite pleasant, full of good food, family time, watching sports, and lounging around, things in the public arena tend to be very, very low-key. In any case, off we went into this slightly gray, yet warm and breezy Sunday. I must say, I’m quite happy that I went! We arrived in the center of town to a festival of traditional Chilean Cueca already in full-swing. A side note: just as pisco is the national drink of Chile, Cueca is basically the national dance, with women and men dancing in pairs dawning traditional indigenous, folky garb and wearing “huaso” hats. It was really quite a spectacle. Mix in a couple “sopapilla’s” with Chilean aji sauce, and you’re left with one content gringo! Here are some pictures (and even a video!): Please take note of the rambling Spanish at the end, the result of the fact that I was in bed up until just a mere half hour before the event in question.

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