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Alonso Núñez- Con La Rabia- (Patagonia Sin Represas!)

I was recently introduced to this video from a friend of mine, who at one point picked up the hitch-hiking artist, Alonso Núñez, as he was driving through the Chilean Patagonia. Literally meaning, “With the Rage”, the lyrics and overall theme of the song address and support the ongoing battle between Chileans, indigenous peoples in the South, and environmental activists against the multi-national & government-backed HidroAysen. This hydroelectric dam project, to be completed in five stages over the course of the next few years, is supposed to help meet ever-increasing demand for energy as Chile continues it’s ascent up the economic growth ladder. However, this project has been widely opposed for good reason, as it is expected to displace thousands of fisherman, farmers, and indigenous people currently inhabiting the region, as well as cause significant environmental damage to one of the most important natural wonders on the earth. That Sebastian Piñera and his administration approved the project last May has definitely added to the rapid deterioration of his approval rating, and has spawned a protest movement known as “Patagonia Sin Represas”, meaning simply, “Patagonia without Reservoirs” . I’ve recently applied to volunteer in January with an organization that focuses on recuperation and conservation of some of the biggest national parks and nature reserves in Patagonia (not directly related to any damage wrought by the project, but just park upkeep in general). In any case, hopefully I will soon be joining the cause!

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