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Corrida Familiar: Feliz Día del Niño

A few weekends ago, all of us ran a 5k over in nearby Vina del Mar. Absolutely amazing trek, running along the coast without a cloud in the sky. We all finished under 30 minutes! I’m particularly proud of my 24 minute time. Next up: Half Marathon of Valparaiso in October!

Also, here’s a photo I snatched from the event website but couldn’t download.


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  1. Steve Greist

    Congratulations on your run and time…a Chilean-American first I’m sure. We’re all thinking about your and have you fondly carried in our conversations this evening. Grandma and Marty have come to Bainbridge Island for the weekend and Caitee also joined. All our love. You’re always in our thoughts and remain continuously inspired by all you’re doing. Good luck in the half marathon, but prepare~!! Love, Uncle Steve

    August 13, 2012 at 5:36 am

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