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Campo, Playa, y Peru

A nice little random assortment of pictures from recent events down here in the spine of South America to get you through your week (or weekend I guess, as this post was repeatedly pushed back). Photos were taken in the following places:

Colliguay–The countryside in the hills outside of Quilpue, where there was a parade to mark the beginning of the Chilean Independence week.

Horcon–A neat little, rather hippie-friendly fishing village an hour north of Valparaiso. Went there for a little journey with Ashley, one of the other gringos, Yose, another teacher at my school, as well as my host mom. Delicious seafood empanadas, litros of cerveza, wandering around soaking up the sun, and vagabonds with guitars playing for whoever will listen were some of the more memorable aspects of this charming little inlet town.

Arequipa–Already have spoken at length about this hidden treasure of a town in Southern Peru. However, some photos from a new friend I made on the trip just made their way into the virtual realm, and so I felt obliged to show them some blog love. In particular, please enjoy the ones of me dancing an “indigenous 1-2 step” with a Peruvian woman in a small village at the top of Colca Canyon (and most likely butchering their native dance).

Lots of things are afoot down here, but I haven’t really had the “ganas” to write a commentary that will do these recent experiences justice. So, chau for now!

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